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The neuma word comes from ancient Greek πνεῦμα pneuma (“breath”) or νεῦμα neuma (“sign”). In musical notation a neuma is a sign for one or a group of successive musical pitches, predecessor of modern musical notes. Neumes have been used in Christian (e.g., Gregorian, Byzantine) liturgical chant as well as in the earliest medieval polyphony and some secular monophony. Early neumes developed from Greek textual accents that were gradually modified into shapes showing pitch direction and vocal ornament, In accordance with the semi-oral musical practices of the time, their function was to facilitate recall of a memorized melody. A distinct system of neumes is employed for the notation of the Buddhist chant of India, Tibet, China, and Japan. It is perhaps a borrowing from the Nestorians of ancient Central Asia.

source: Encyclopædia Britannica

Electronic technology brought disruptive innovation to music. Music making is no more tied to human voice and physical sound generating instruments. But building things that happen in time as music still needs cadenzas, form, ostinato and other trajectory-defining conceptual devices for constructing and releasing tension.

It's our belief that tackling this music innovation journey requires going back to the roots. The road to electronic music begins twelve centuries ago with neumes.