ASM Hydrasynth

Snowstorm On A Sunny Afternoon

I am exploring repetition as a narrative and form building device. For this reason I often abuse of copy and paste features available on modern music production support tools. In order to answer

Modulofonia Vagante, 1 di 33

Initial theme in F#m goes out of tune because of slowly raising frequency modulation. Glitches in Gm appear and set a new mood. An episode in armonia vagante breaks the flow. Finally

L'Invasor Una Mattina Bella

Ostinato ambient electronic variation over traditional italian Resistance song "Bella Ciao" Made with NI Maschine Plus and ASM Hydrasynth Explorer. More on this 535th weekly Disquiet Junto project – Jigsaw Disjunction (The Assignment: Break

Antilexoprene v0.1

Verbal communication is bad sounding ensemble music. Virtual meetings are glitchy bad sounding cacophoniae where the ensemble can’t even play in time. And yet hearing is such a beautiful sense… The active