Focused in lyricism and electronic drone music, Ossimuratore is exploring the territory where weird synthesized sounds and traditional harmony cross-fertilize.
Venice, Italy

Snowstorm On A Sunny Afternoon

I am exploring repetition as a narrative and form building device. For this reason I often abuse of copy and paste features available on modern music production support tools. In order to answer

Modulofonia Vagante, 1 di 33

Initial theme in F#m goes out of tune because of slowly raising frequency modulation. Glitches in Gm appear and set a new mood. An episode in armonia vagante breaks the flow. Finally

Pianoforte Omeostatico, II

My musical resolution for 2023 is to come out with music whose overall structure is more smooth, inspired and engaging. In this submission I've tried to make the development between themes more incremental

Wish I Could Wish

Yet another take on plain triadic harmony with a modulating bridge from Gm to Am. Drones added as an attempt to purge verbal thought (as I consider it a disturbing side of the

Pianoforte Omeostatico, I

Notes from a Maj69 scale only (i.e. five stacked perfect fourths): G C F Bb Eb. Couldn't resist that much not being lyric so added a D just before di end. Sorry.